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Fall Beauty 101

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Being in the hair and makeup industry  for years I definitely have picked up a couple tricks of the trade.  Skin care is the basis of all makeup and by taking proper care of your skin you can achieve that flawless makeup look anytime! I tend to frequent a 5 minute face and keep things simple and quick. With that, I need products to help me in my effort to look fresh and pretty.

I have melasma from hormone influx with babes and I find that 75% of my clients suffer from the same issue.  Melasma is the discoloration of the skin which is caused by hormones.  It can darken with sun exposure so it's very important to keep sunscreen on  at all times to keep it from becoming more noticeable.  When I asked my dermatologist about this super fun issue, he said that until I was done with having babes or wasn't going  to be on birth control there wasn't much I could do.  Well, we are officially done with babies and no more birth control so coming soon is a peel regime to hopefully help!  I will make sure to share!  I have been aggressively treating my melasma for the last year and have definitely kept it at bay.  This Kate Somerville Complexion Correction is my fave.  It's light and goes on right before my tinted moisturizer  with SPF.fall beauty faces

I start by cleansing my skin with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil (bonus is super cheap! )

buff  skin and slough off that top layer of dead skin with Clarisonic

apply Complexion Correction and Tinted Moisturizer

sweep on a great bronzer and blush like my fave from NARS

add a couple coats of mascara

icing on the cake in my Russian Red lipstick!



Left to right: Cetaphil cleanser, Clarisonic , Kate Somerville Complexion Correction, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF, Dior Show mascara, MAC Russian Red lipstick and NARS Laguna/Deep Throat blush duo