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Dress Code

FashionLorely MezaComment
I have the great luxury of wearing basically whatever I want to my "office" .
Being a hair and makeup artist definitely gives me room to play with my
options. There really isn't any dress code.  Because I predominately work
with brides I do however try and keep in mind for their big day that I am in
a good amount of their prep photos and want to look sharp and put together.
 I want to look young and relevant but still professional.  I also have
practicality factors like flexible materials for me to reach above my head or
workable bottoms for bending.  I like to make sure I always keep my shoes
really comfy and basically stick to flats or cute sandals.  Here is a chic look
that I would totally rock to my "place of  work". I like to channel a little
Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner". Can't go wrong!
This would also be a great look for a more formal office setting with clean
colorful pumps.JCrew ladies who lunch