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Cinderella Daddy and Daugther date at Cinepolis

Date Night SeriesLorely MezaComment

The anticipation of that first date haunts us all.  Is he my "Prince Charming"?  Is my outfit right?  Is this the start of something"?  When your first date is with your daddy, you know that all answers are yes!  Daddy will always love your dress, Daddy will always bring you flowers and Daddy will always buy you the fancy popcorn.  Capri and Peyton had a date set with their "Prince Charming" this week to see the new Cinderella movie at Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas.  Perfectly clad in their Cinderella inspired blue party dresses and glass slippers they were ready for their ball!  Daddy didn't disappoint!  Flowers in hand, he wisked them away to fancy popcorn, kobe beef sliders and Shirly Temple's to watch Cinderalla.  A little girl's dream night! Cinderella date   Cinderella date   Cinderella date2T2B7436  2T2B74022T2B74122T2B7423 2T2B7528 2T2B7532 2T2B7565 2T2B7580 2T2B7665 2T2B7716 2T2B7733 2T2B7742 2T2B7797 2T2B7813

Thank you to Cinepolis for a magical night of pumpkins, glass slippers and true love!  We couldn't have dreamt up a more enchanting experience.


Photos: Dana Grant

Girls wardrobe: J.Crew Organdry bow dress on Petyon  and Watercolor Floral Dress on Capri