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Christmas picture inspiration: Cozy

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I am a freak for Christmas cards and we take our pictures super early in the fall season before all the hustle and bustle of the holiday's start.  I like to have them out of the way and be  able to take my time addressing them.  I love the feel of a cozy Christmas card.  We went with fall colors this year for our card and I really love the way they turned out. fall family collage

Some helpful tips for Christmas card picture planning

1. Plan ahead- decide on a look you want and start shopping accordingly

2.  Hire a photographer that knows your family or is great with family shoots.  They kids will feel more at ease.

3.  Dress everyone comfortably.  If they don't feel comfortable or like their outfit then they won't photography happily.

4.  Make it personal. Decide on a theme that reflects your family.  Everyone will have more fun that way.

5.  Remember it's just a picture.  It's a moment in time. If someone is having a rough day let it happen.  It will be a funny memory in years to come.