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Christmas picture tips

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I love love love Christmas cards and get so giddy when planning our Christmas pictures for the year.  It's one of my most favorite parts of the holiday!  We rush to our mailbox ready to gather up sweet cards each day of December filled with our friends and family's gorgeous faces.  I know that Christmas pictures can be dreaded for many families though.  What to wear?  How to get the kids to cooperate?  How to get the husband on board with a 30 minute photo shoot?  ALL the things!  Luckily, I've got you covered on the fashion end of things!!  I love dressing families and making the group as a whole look effortless yet still cohesive.  First, here are some first key elements to nail down before working on your outfits. 

1. Where is your shoot taking place?  We have done beach, woods, kitchen, pumpkin patch etc.  It doesn't matter where you pick but make sure your photographer is used to shooting there and is skilled at kids photography.  Our dear friend Alice Hu has shot our family for years and we are all so comfortable with her that our shoots go super smooth.  The kids love her and she knows how to capture the magic of a family.  

2.  Pick a time that everyone is feeling best.  If naps are in the mix still schedule your shoot for about an hour after your little ones nap so you know you have plenty of time to get a snack in and everyone is at their best.  Also, keep the session 30 minutes long!  You will lose your people after that!  

3.  Consider hair and makeup for mama.  I know this sounds a little overkill but nothing makes you feel better than a little pampering.  If all else fails, mommy looks fantastic!  

4. If working with a new photographer and not yet built a great rapor, bring along a trusted friend to help make sure you all look great.  You know that friend!  The one that will shamelessly tell you, you look chunky in that pose or help you not do weird things with your hands.  A wingman of sorts.  

5.  Lastly, don't sweat it!  Make sure to encourage the kids to play and keep loose.  There is nothing worse than looking stiff in pictures that should capture the essence of your family.  If you don't get the best family shot, use a great candid of the kids or make a collage of some great relaxed moments of the kids frolicking and you laughing  with your hubby.  It's all about capturing the current moment and there is only magic in that. 

I'm excited to share our favorite pics from past years!  Hopefully they can give you some idea inspiration for themes for your own shoots.  Stay tuned for my full family outfit looks tomorrow!  


Photo: Jackie Wonders 


Photo: Alice Hu 


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu