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Today is my birthday!  I'm 29!!  I feel like this a  fun year to really cap off my 20's and celebrate all that has happened in my last decade!  I have never really put a lot of weight on my birthdays and really sometimes forget about them all together!!  I think this a great one though as I round closer to my big 30 to reflect and get a little nostalgic!!

My 20's have given me a college degree, my own thriving  hair and makeup business, my own home, a hunk of a husband, 2 beautiful babies and countless adventures throughout!  I have learned so much not only about myself but about the woman that I would like to become.  I spend each day feeling proud of what was and what is to come.  My last years have taught me a different kind of sexy. To embrace my body as something that has given my children life and something that can frolic and keep up with them as we tackle our crazy fun filled days.  I have learned tons and tons about my personal style and feel very settled in who I am and what I look like.  My friendships are stronger and more meaningful and I value them more than ever. I've learned that a bright lipstick and some sequins basically solve any bad mood and to eat my cake and not feel guilty about it!

While I think about these past years, I can't help but feel like I want to break out of my 20's in this last year with a bang.  Some things I'd like to accomplish are, efficiently riding a bike not like a 6 year old, sitting still and observing the moment, taking more video,shutting down my computer at a reasonable time at night and snuggling with my hunny on the couch, swim in the ocean and not feeling panicked about being shark bait, creating more family traditions, actually making a dent in my past scrapbooking efforts and last but most defintately not least is listening more and talking less.

Cheers to my last year as in my 20's!