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Barstools: To Splurge or Save?

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The second we started the kitchen vision board, I had my heart set on these Serena and Lily's barstools.  These stools were the perfect height and the wood color was perfect!  I loved how they weren't a typical option for a kitchen. Since we have finished the kitchen, I've even saving my pennies for all the decor items to finish off the attached rooms like the living and dining room.  We still have to finish painting the fireplace, add built ins and a couple bigger projects but the decor elements are really starting to come together.  This is where all those pennies I've been saving can add up.  My perfect Serena and Lily stools aren't super cheap and I wanted to be practical with this purchase.  The chairs were going to be used pretty often with sticky fingers and plenty of crayons.  Durable and easy to clean were top priority! They needed to be attractive from all sides as they are seen from all angles in kitchen and living room.  We have a couple different wood colors flowing through the rooms so the wood on the chairs needed to compliment.  Little checklist to work with on requirements.  I started searching for similar styles of stools and found some great options.  Here were the top two contenders!