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Apple Turnovers

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Peyton and I visited Riley's Farm for a little fall outing of apple picking.  We got a bunch of apples and I needed the perfect exuse to use them all up.  I love apple season and love how yummy the house smells when I bake up something yummy.  I asked the bakers at Riley's Farm what their secret was to their amazing apple pies.  They told me it was all in the crust and they were right!  It's flaky and buttery perfection.  I decided to make apple turnovers for our sweet treat and bring back the flaky gorgeous crust of Riley's Farm's bakery.   I love turnovers because they are flaky and delicious and so easy. Even better, they aren't frowned upon as a breakfast treat.  Winning! Here is my super easy and quick recipe for our sweet, delicious Apple Turnover.


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Apple Turnover

you will need: 

1 sheet puff pastry, warmed to room temperature

2 Granny Smith apples

1 T brown sugar

1 t cinnamon

1/8 t salt


to make: 

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Peel and core apples.  Toss into food processor and pulse until apples is in small pieces.  Transfer to bowl and mix brown sugar, cinnamon and salt together until apple is coated.

Flour your cutting board and rolling pin.  Cut puff pastry into fourth squares.  Roll each square with rolling pin until it is doubled in size.

Add 1/4 of apple mixture to center of each dough square.

Fold dough diagonally to create a triangle.  Use fork to crimp and seal the dough pockets.  Transfer to parchment sheet.

Bake for 25-30 min.

Makes 4

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