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5 Slumber party tips for tweens

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Slumber party for tweens

The age of the sleepover is upon us! I’m all about a slumber party and love priceless memories they bring! We haven’t yet let the girl’s attend sleepovers but that hasn’t stopped us from having some super fun ones at our house. Here are some of our tried and true must haves to throw a simple yet really fun night that tweens love!

  1. Have loads of snacks! Fun popcorn with sprinkles, pizza, chips, bubbly water, pizza and root beer floats where on the menu for our last one. Some of our sweet mamas brought waters, cookies, chips and some candy which the was so awesome for our movie night.

2. Try a new movie. Our choices were the new Aladdin or my personal all time favorite Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken. UGH! So good! I checked with mamas first to make sure they were okay with that choice and we all agreed it was the BEST! Make sure to keep your movies and music age appropriate! We are pretty heavy with our censoring in our house but it’s important to run by any choices with parents so everyone is comfortable. The girls picked Wild Hearts and loved it!!!!

Sleepover tips for tweens

3. Keep a couple simple activities on hand. We always make sure to have the poloroid ready to rock and roll for fun pictures. We keep nail polish, makeup and loads of hair stuff on hand for them to play with. They always seem to want to do each other’s hair at some point so we are ready!

Sleepover to tweens

4. We put together a sweet spa mask that was edible for the girls to mess with. You will need sprinkles, powdered sugar and milk. Mix and smear on face for some yummy fun!

Edible masks

5. Cell phone free zone! We dubbed our house a cell phone free party zone. I made sure all the parent’s were aware of the rule and all the girls were super cool with it! We wanted to make sure that they had access to them if they did need to reach their parent’s but out of their hands so they were free to just play and have fun. It was so great and really allowed the girls to be present.

Lastly, I let them do their thing! I make sure they know the house rules and that they are more than welcome to ask me for anything and then I hang back and let them play! I grab a good book and snuggle in with my door open and listen to the giggles.

Cell phone box