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7 reasons why I probably shouldn't be a dance mom

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So here's the thing.... I danced for over 18 years.  Was I the best, no.  Did I work the hardest, no.  Did I think I was pretty good, yep!  Am I beyond competitive, yep!!  I'm going to be brutally honest in the most loving way possible!  We keep it real in our house! The girls had there dance show this weekend and it through me into a tailspin of OMG!  Capri's potential is beyond and Peyton is living her best life in her costume with full makeup.  So that's the situation.  Capri is a dancer in every form but can't retain choreagraphy and isn't that excited about practicing.  Peyton, is pretty hard core but has a serious knock knee, sickle foot scenario going on.  All the heart and not that much natural talent.  What I realized is this, I probably shouldn't be dance mom, and here's why....

Reason 1.  No one wants you fogging up  the glass during class while your daughter is dancing.  Disclaimer on this one... I did ask Capri if she wanted me to watch her practices and she said yes.  My intensity level was apparently accepted. 

Reason 2.  No one wants you, as a grown woman, doing the Jr. Jazz routine almost full out in your chair.  

Reason 3.  Calm down, the pirroute prep situation is giving you a major eye twitch.  Can she just turn the correct way?  Don't even get me started on Peyton's turnout!

Reason 4.  My panic ensues when we are off count.  

Reason 5.  Can we just let it be fun and not be about being the best?  I'm not sure on how to even deal with that basic question. 

Reason 6.  Capri forgot half of her 2 routines in her first show.  I broke out into a cold sweat.  

Reason 7.  There was a mother/daughter dance at her show. Should I even tip my toe into that situation?  It took every restraint to not bust a serious move.  I thought about it but for sure knew I'd rip my hammy so that settled that.  

So overall, I'm trying to be a good dance mom.  It's taking a very large effort and I'm working really hard on making sure the girls aren't aware of my level of crazy.  What I can say is we are pretty situated in our stage hair and makeup game.  #wegotthis Parenting is no joke! Any other dance moms feel me?