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5 Simple Valentine's gift ideas

kacee geoffroyComment

We don’t make a huge fuss in our house over Valentine’s day but we do love to spend the day loving on each other. Nothing to show your love more than a little treasure right?! This week I threw together some sweet things for my closest girlfriends and played Cupid with special deliveries to each of them. Here are some simple yet thoughtful fun ideas for anyone you want to love on on Valentine’s day!

  1. Special floral delivery- toss together a simple bouquet from Trader Joes super pretty flower selection ( you know you are already there at some point this week anyway, so you can grab a little bundle) Tie up the flowers and greenery with a cute ribbon and note. Deliver the bundles to your loved ones or friends in person and don’t tell them you are coming.

  2. Write a list of your top 10 favorite things about them and leave them a note or a text to share.

3. Bring them their fave coffee with a little love note written on it. Or put a gift card for coffee in an empty travel cup like this cute idea from Handmade Modern Home.


4. Tie a balloon to their car at school pick up or for your hubby before he leaves for work. No one can resist a smile when they find a surprise balloon.

5. This adorable nail polish goodie from Tomkat studios is just too precious! You can never have enough red nail polish too.