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Peppermint chocolate snack mix

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Our tradition for the first week of December is long but one of our faves is to snuggle up and watch "Polar Express" with a special treat.  We are big peppermint fans in my house and this year I whipped up a new recipe, Peppermint Chocolate Snack Mix  for our movie night.  It was a hit! Peppermintchexmix_edited-1

Peppermint snack mix

you will need:

5 cups of Chex Mix cereal

1/2 cup crushed candy canes or peppermint candy

1 cup melting chocolate or chocolate chips

1/4 c powdered sugar


to make:

In a double broiler melt your chocolate, stirring often.  About 3 minutes. Once chocolate is melted, pour over cereal and mix thoroughly.  Fold in peppermint candies.  Transfer mixture to large ziplock baggie.  Add powdered sugar to bag and shake until evenly coated.  Enjoy!