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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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This is the best time of year to snag all the killer deals on your list!  I've rounded up some of my favorite sales to keep your shopping simple!

J.Crew ( 40% off with code THANKU)  is my favorite place to shop for clothes and I have my eye on a handful of things!  This simple velvet bow sweater would pair perfectly with these high waisted skinny jeans for a casual day at home or a holiday party. This Chatueau parka wool  fur lined coat is the major covet all year and would pair perfectly with this fair aisle sweater and these high waisted button  jeans that I can't get enough of. Lastly, the some party dresses I can't live without for the girls!  This  and this turquoise floral party dress make my heart go pitter patter! Lastly, these fleece lined Nordic boots will keep your tootsies extra cozy and cute!

Nordstrom is my go to for basics and this cowel neck knit sweater  would be perfect for a cozy day in! This Tory Burch Parker leather tote is buttery heaven and would compliment any look both in the colder weather and warm season. If you have checked out my "Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover" you would know my MAJOR list topper is the PMD Personal Microderm device!  It's at a all time low price! 

Some of my favorite household gadgets and accents are on sale too!  If you have followed my stories for a while you know about our Roomba Puppy.  She is super sassy and means business when she is on cleaning duty!  She saves my sanity!  Find her $100 off here! We have serious dance parties with our Google Home and keep the house smelling fresh as a daisy with my Wooden globe essential oil diffuser!  

Gifts for the Beauty Lovers

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Gifts for the Hostess

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Gifts for Teachers

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Like to Know it-Why You Need To Use It

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This week I asked you guys how many of you know what Like to Know it is and how many of you have no clue.  The polls came back 50/50.  Some of you know what it is and use it in different ways and some are missing out the awesomeness of the tool!  I'm here to demystify it all so you can easily find all the fab pieces I am curating ! 

 Let me give the skinny on why you may want to use Like to Know it!  You may already use it, but there are so many ways to maximize your shopping with different Like to Know it tools you may not be familiar with.  

Like to Know It is here to save your life, well not really, but it is definitely here to save you tons time! It is an easy way for you to shop via Instagram. Once registered, you only have to ‘like’ my photos and Like to Know It sends you an email (usually within 5 minutes) with the links to every item I am wearing or showcasing!


1. Go to and watch the tutorial video that pops up (under the sign-up button).

2. Register (takes 2 minutes, and it is completely free)

3. Come to my Instagram and ‘like’ one of my photos. Within 5 minutes you will have an email that has all of the outfit details in it!! It will have pictures of the items that, when clicked on, will send you straight to the store that I got it from to check them out!

4. If someone doesn’t have the exact item they are wearing linked, it is because the store doesn’t work with rewardStyle. You can usually check out their blog and they will have a link there to the exact item!

5. You can also shop directly from the LiketoKnow.It website itself! You can keep track of everything you have liked on Instagram under the ‘My Likes’ tab, that way you never loose the outfit! You can also shop all of your favorite blogger’s posts, but adding their Instagram handle at the end of the URL. For example, you can shop all of my posts here:

By taking two minutes to register, you will save yourself hours of time! You can also use the app.  


1. Download the Like to Know it app

2.  Screenshot any of my images.  The heart symbol is a giveaway that the image is Like to Know it enabled.  Not all enabled images will have the symbol but most will.  

3.  The images you have captured will all be collected in your app for you to shop. 

Gifts for your BFF under $50

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Boots under $100

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Fall Tablescape inspiration

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As I curled up with my Fall Magnolia Journal, I came upon their article talking of soup gatherings. A simple meal for your dearest friends to gather and enjoy each other's company.  The whole mission is to create a standing date of soup, gathering and quality time  No fuss !  I of course don't mind a little fuss so I decided to create a lovely tables cape to accompany my launching of the monthly " Soup Sioree" ( yes I gave it a name). I have so many incredible friends and wanted to mix up my group a bit and grab some of my most dynamic.  I have 3 girlfriends coming over for lunch tomorrow.  One is a fine art photographer, one a self made bad ass attorney with her own practice and another attorney with the most impeccable home decor taste I have ever seen! Just interesting, cool, funny ladies.  Some of us know each other better than others and some not at all. Love that part!  I can't wait to see where our conversations lead.


Farmhouse table,Faux fur pillow,White dot pillowSoup bowls, Napkins, Beaded dinner plate, Straw charger, Gold flatware,  Striped runner, Grasscloth runner, Brass bell, Pitcher, Brass name plates

 I am prepping an easy Ablondigas soup which is hearty and all things yummy.  I created an airy table filled with Fall feels yet kept things coastal like I love.  I topped my layered grass cloth and striped runners with straw chargers and beaded plates that we received as wedding gifts. I love how simple pieces can be refreshed over and over.  I added more texture with a simple plaid patterned napkin and an adorable vessel for our soup.  For my runner, I grabbed pumpkins from our porch and foliage from our yard to bring nature in.  I added Hearth and Home pieces to make things personal and warm.  

Cheers to amazing, inspiring, funny friends! 


Christmas picture outfit inspiration

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If you are a "Classic Christmas" fan and love all things green and red for Christmas you may lean towards this timeliness option for your pics.  We did a play on this look last year amongst the trees and it turned out so festive. You could also shoot this look next to your Christmas tree at home.  

Tip: Don't be afraid to introduce sequins and navy blue into your classic feel.  Navy adds some dimension to the traditional red and green and there is nothing more Christmassy than sparkle! 


Our 2015 Christmas pictures ore my favorite to date!  We were barefoot and casual.  These pics turned out so dreamy!  I wore a flowy navy blue dress which caught the slight breeze perfectly.  The girls wore soft cream dresses and Peyton topped hers with a faux fur vest.  The added texture and color was unexpected but just right.  I loved our clean pallet that just lent itself perfectly to the coast. 

Tip: Mix and mingle textures in neutral colors for beach shoots.  I always aim for coastal colors when shooting at the beach. Think creams, tan and blues for the perfect soft pallet.  Bright hues tend to detract from the gorgeous coastline.  You want to pop against the waves but organically so. 



Think crackling fire, snow covered trees and snuggles!  This theme is so fun and totally casual!  Go all out with your plaids, beanies, vests and fur!  All of it works!  

Tip: Classic red and greens are super festive for this sort of theme.  I like to play the outside of the obvious choice and go with neutrals and deep jewel tones.  Layer colors and fabrics to create something interesting and different. 


Christmas picture tips

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I love love love Christmas cards and get so giddy when planning our Christmas pictures for the year.  It's one of my most favorite parts of the holiday!  We rush to our mailbox ready to gather up sweet cards each day of December filled with our friends and family's gorgeous faces.  I know that Christmas pictures can be dreaded for many families though.  What to wear?  How to get the kids to cooperate?  How to get the husband on board with a 30 minute photo shoot?  ALL the things!  Luckily, I've got you covered on the fashion end of things!!  I love dressing families and making the group as a whole look effortless yet still cohesive.  First, here are some first key elements to nail down before working on your outfits. 

1. Where is your shoot taking place?  We have done beach, woods, kitchen, pumpkin patch etc.  It doesn't matter where you pick but make sure your photographer is used to shooting there and is skilled at kids photography.  Our dear friend Alice Hu has shot our family for years and we are all so comfortable with her that our shoots go super smooth.  The kids love her and she knows how to capture the magic of a family.  

2.  Pick a time that everyone is feeling best.  If naps are in the mix still schedule your shoot for about an hour after your little ones nap so you know you have plenty of time to get a snack in and everyone is at their best.  Also, keep the session 30 minutes long!  You will lose your people after that!  

3.  Consider hair and makeup for mama.  I know this sounds a little overkill but nothing makes you feel better than a little pampering.  If all else fails, mommy looks fantastic!  

4. If working with a new photographer and not yet built a great rapor, bring along a trusted friend to help make sure you all look great.  You know that friend!  The one that will shamelessly tell you, you look chunky in that pose or help you not do weird things with your hands.  A wingman of sorts.  

5.  Lastly, don't sweat it!  Make sure to encourage the kids to play and keep loose.  There is nothing worse than looking stiff in pictures that should capture the essence of your family.  If you don't get the best family shot, use a great candid of the kids or make a collage of some great relaxed moments of the kids frolicking and you laughing  with your hubby.  It's all about capturing the current moment and there is only magic in that. 

I'm excited to share our favorite pics from past years!  Hopefully they can give you some idea inspiration for themes for your own shoots.  Stay tuned for my full family outfit looks tomorrow!  


Photo: Jackie Wonders 


Photo: Alice Hu 


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu


Photo: Alice Hu

Elf inspired movie night

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Elf inspired movie night

We are gearing up like crazy for Christmas in our house and I had so much fun setting up for our annual Christmas movie night!  I love giving the girls their Christmas pjs and slippers and we cozy in by the fire for a family movie night to kick off the season.  We've done Polar Express before ( see our fun here) and this year we  chose the movie  Elf so I thought it would be fun to decorate with all things Elf inspired.  Hot cocoa and candy galore!  I found the cutest Elf quote mugs and wrapped up their glittery slippers and pjs with bright red ribbons.  I adore this tradition!  

Holiday Cocktail dresses

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It's "fancy" dress season!  (insert happy dance) With all the festivities coming, there is nothing more fun than taking it up a notch!  I've rounded up my favorite holiday worthy dresses for you today!!  Cheers to looking fabulous!

Photos: Corey Morgan

Black Friday Sales

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Amazon major deals including 60% off apparel and toys

J.Crew 40% off with code HOLIDAY

Target daily deals all week

Sephora stocking stuffers and holiday kits as low as $10

Nordstrom 40% off items this week and more to come

Gap 50% off everything with code TGIF50

Old Navy 50% off everything

Serena and Lily 20 % off everything with code THANKYOU

ASOS 20% off with code GOGOGOHOME

Fall plaid skirt

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We just got home last night from our cruise and are adjusting to land legs again.  We had the best time!!! It's our annual Disney cruise that we make into a "girls trip" with my mom, myself and the kidlets.  We got to fly first class this year which was a real treat!  Hello, ice-cream sundae and champagne!!!  Not to mention, I sat across from Henry Cavill for the 5 hour flight!  Not sad at all! I'm sure he is seeking a restraining order at the moment!  We typically stay in Miami the night before embarking the ship so so we have plenty of time.  We boarded Wednesday and partied our booties off until Sunday! I will do a full recap post on it next week!  

We are back to rainy, cozy weather today at home which this mama is soaking up!  I plan on lighting every candle in the house, firing up the fire place for the first time since in the new house and padding around in my robe all day!  I may even destroy a couple online sales popping up before Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Speaking of sales, this jacket is on major sale right now!  I'm so glad I snatched it up in early fall because I've been wearing it on repeat.  I styled it here with a cozy camel colored sweater, skinny jeans and my favorite leather booties.   I also used it to top off a clean navy blue blouse and white culottes here.  It's so versatile and the heavy collar gives it such a chic look. 

I paired the coat today with a  winter look over a wine colored v-neck sweater and festive plaid skirt.  Both the sweater and skirt are on sale now too!!  This look would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or brunch this Christmas season!   

Stay tuned for lots of goodies being added to the SHOP tab at the top of my site as well as the rest of my specially curated gift guides rolling out this week! Never miss a beat and get updates early by subscribing to Life with Lipstick On  too! 

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